About Us


A Note From Our President!

I started my career as a mortgage originator 25 years ago after I had a horrible personal experience refinancing my home when the mortgage company on closing hide my closing costs and the origination fees from me. I was swindled out of thousands of dollars. that's when I decided to become a mortgage banker ,with First Integrity Mortgage Co.Inc NJ. It was 19 years ago when I gave my community and the mortgage industry in Bergen County some one who they can trust and who will work with them with utmost integirty.


I am proud to say:

That First  Integrity Mortgage Company Inc (FIM) survived the last economic downturn  as well as all the regulatory changes resulting from it because we simply , as mortgage originators, matched our borrower's circumstances with the loan programs that they could afford. First time borrowers return to us when they need refinancing the homes and when its their children time to buy their first home has been the greatest complement that my bank has received.


Why should you deal with First Integrity? Because we provide you with personalized service!

A pre-approval process, where indepht inspection of the buyers status occurs, that includes: income, assets,Debts and credit history. Yes, it requires more upfront work but realtors find when they  present homes with qualified buyers their closings proceed smoothly and quickly. Remember, It is our job as a correspondent bank to qualify you for an appropriate mortgage that lets you obtain your dreams.