This FIM Loan originator Team


First Integrity Mortgage Company Inc. (FIM) NMLS#-239273

Here's my team with a picture, with their Names, Titles and Email

This team represents over 150 years of mortgage work experience. They have work for both big and small financial institutions in the New York   metropolitan  Area. They have been involved in both  commercial and residential mortgage business.and handled federal, State and international financial regulations.

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Loan originators and associated staff

  • Top row from left to right is as follows: 
  • 1. Mr. Peter Grazide, Commerical Consultant                               
  • 2. Mr. Ted Goldfarb,  loan Originator, Email:
  • 3. Mr. Harold Dasenbrock, Board member                                                                   
  • 4. Mr. Raymond B. Fagan, Information Technology Consultant.

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