Mortgage Terms & Types

Traditional Mortgages


Conventional mortage terms for 

15 and 30 year fixed rate programs

FNMA programs with 3 % down and lender paid private mortgage insurance.

to see Fanny May federal housing administration rules and regulations

FHA programs for customers with credit scores down to 600.

To see Freddie Macs information

Non_traditional Mortgages (Call for more information)


  1. investment property loans
  2. no income loans for investor's only
  3. Portfolio loans
  4. Foreign national loans
  5. Commercial loans
  6. Construction Loans
  7. Bridge loans
  8. Mixed use property loans
  9. Reverse Mortgages for home owners over 62 years of age

Flexible Mortgages


  1. ARM with low introductory rates (3/1,5/1 and 7/1)
  2. Reverse Mortgages for home owners over 62 years of age

How to select a loan


It's overwhelming depending upon your credit score and credit history. Let us help you pre-qualify by determining whats best for you

Your age, and your home determines how 

a  reverse mortgage

can be implemented 

Conventional Mortgages Requirements


  1.  you planned to live in property
  2. have a good or fair credit score above 680
  3. have a down payment between 20 and 5 %
  4. have additional assets that can serve as income

Flexible Mortgage Types & Requirements


  1. property is not a single home residence.
  2. it can be  a flexible occupancy or an investment property
  3. it can be a multiple property type(2-family,3-family,4 family, a condo or a 55 plus residence
  4. Your down payment  is  only the required 3.5%
  5. You have more monthly debt such as high credit card charges, large car payments,alimony,child care or student loans.
  6. damaged or bad credit history


credit score above 600

no bankruptcies for 2 years

no late mortgage payments in latest 12 months

charge-offs must be resolved

no foreclosures